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[Georg Trakl] Ð Autumn Sonata: Selected Poems of Georg Trakl [native-americans PDF] Read Online ¸ Georg Trakl S Poems Are Considered Some Of The Most Difficult For Any Translator To Tackle His German Is Dense And Sometimes Almost Impenetrable Daniel Simko S Collection Autumn Sonata, Has Been Lauded For The Simplicity And Directness Of Its Translations, Accomplished With Out Sacrificing The Drama Of Trakl S Rich ImagerySuffering From Manic Depressive Episodes And Haunted By His Experiences Tending The Wounded And Dying During World War One, Trakl S Poems Reflect A Sense Of Lostness Nightmare Visions And Disembodied Voices Provide An Often Eccentric Perspective Of Reality Though He Yearns For Deliverance, There Poems Do Not Anticipate It Instead, They Map The Interior Landscape Of A Brilliant, Though Troubled, Spirit poetry to return to.
His dark and immensely sad poetry helped me to go over adark period in my own life His poetic language is truly original and possess an Unearthly atmosphere.
Compared to the other expressionistic poets, he s language is the most suggestive, and one of the Profoundest in early modernism in General.
Triste, por m de uma beleza sem igual.
Feels like sharp glass shaped death Served not violently but very smoothly.
Instructive for style and translation As for content, not for reading in one go Unless death obsession is your thing.
3 SterneIch verstehe eigentlich nicht, warum diese Sammlung von Georg Trakl so viel Anerkennung gefunden hat, aber es sind einige sehr interessante Gedichte dabei Im Gegensatz zu den Gedichten, die ich in der Schule lese, w rde ich diese Gedichte gerne analysieren, da die vorgestellten Themen interessant sind und weiteres Engagement des Lesers erfordern Aber diese Gedichte haben mich nicht so ergriffen, wie ich dachte, und es war ein bisschen schwierig, das Buch durchzuarbeiten das Buch zu kommen Deshalb kann ich dieses Buch nur mit drei Sternen bewerten.