Trailer Ì Collected Poems 1947-1997 PDF by Å Allen Ginsberg

Trailer Ì Collected Poems 1947-1997 PDF by Å Allen Ginsberg The most passionate poet of the twentieth century AmericaAllen GinsbergAmerica I ve given you all and now I m nothing.
America two dollars and twenty seven cents January 17, 1956.
I can t stand my own mind.
America when will we end the human war Go f yourself with your atom bomb.
America which has been written in the heydays of political turmoil in the US and at the brink ofVietnam War, from the early lines of the poem you see the poet is really concerned with the politicallife of his country and is developing an anti establishment tone, mentioning the dates and events.
Here s my translation of America .
I am not a huge Ginsberg fan There is frequently too much of the ego in his work for my taste and many of his earlier works are in my opinionrant than stream of consciousness as they have been described despite my sympathy with his causes That said, there is also no disputing his influence on the poetry scene in America In my opinion it is his poems of place, however, rather than the political poems that will stand the test of time No one does creative concrete imagery better than Ginsberg His place poems range from Cleveland to China with the best of these coming near the end of his career In a volume like this one, which chronologically contains his collected works, it is most easy to see the maturing of the man and the poetic voice Well worth reading.
My brother gave me this book when I was just starting high school I got really, really into the beat poets then, and developed an obsession that burned too brightly not to snuff itself out But even though I try to move away from Ginsberg, he helped me discover poetry and my ideals about life in the mechanized and deadening world we ve been living in since the post war period To dismiss him would be unfair and ridiculous His words still haunt my mind on a regular basis My favorite poem of his, I think, is Sunflower Sutra.
The collected poems of Allen Ginsberg remains to be the books of poetry I most often return to Though his early and late writings lack the revolutionary focus and fire of Howl, though he spends in my opinion far too many pages carving out, in tingling detail, sexual events and fantasies, though his apparent need for acceptance and praise somtimes leak through, I am powerless to say no This volume is absolutely encompassing the lifetime portfolio of one of America s most well known and controversial poets the spiritual offspring of Walt Whitman What makes this collection so valuable is the range of poetry contained within it the variance in style from drug addled stream of consciousness to simple and pretty lyricism is, frankly, astonishing Ginsberg wrote with such purpose, leading pacifists to war against Moloch and putting his queer shoulder to the wheel He was a founding father of a revoluton in free thought, liberated sexuality and uncensored literature And this hefty book is his journal of all that What he saw, what he felt, what he imagined, what he lied about Kaddish still pulls the heart from the chest and Transcription of Organ Music still dawns with feelings that escaped even Ginsberg s words A man of brutal honesty, with himself, his lovers and his poetry A brilliant body of work, required reading for anyone interested in the Beats, the evolution of American literature, the cultural storm leading to the social revival of the 1960 s or just enchanting and powerful poetry.
What a great collection to have to turn to whenever you want to visit a true master

So far i ve dug the way Ginsburg s poems that deal with events in US History are very matter of fact, sure Ginsburg has his opinions but they re written in a wry, witty way so that they do not feel self righteous or preachy to his views.
angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night A brilliant collection of poems by Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, 1926 1997.
Some of these are wonderful Others are atrocious So, I can t really make up my mind on whether I want to trash it or put it on the favourites shelfWonderfulness Q Psalm 1These psalms are the workings of the vision haunted mind and not that reason which never changes.
I am flesh and blood, but my mind is the focus of much lightning.
I change with the weather, with the state of my finances, with the work I do, with my company.
But truly none of these is accountable for the majestic flaws of mind which have left my brain open to hallucination.
All work has been an imitation of the literary cackle in my head.
This gossip is an eccentric document to be lost in a library and rediscovered when the Dove descends c Q An Eastern BalladI speak of love that comes to mind The moon is faithful, although blind She moves in thought she cannot speak.
Perfect care has made her bleak.
I never dreamed the sea so deep,The earth so dark so long my sleep,I have become another child.
I wake to see the world go wild c Q Milk my mind make me cream c Weirdness.
Is AboutDylan is about the Individual against the whole of creationBeethoven is about one man s fist in the lightning cloudsThe Pope is about abortion the spirits of the dead Television is about people sitting in their living room looking at their thingsAmerica is about being a big Country full of Cowboys Indians Jews Negroes AmericansOrientals Chicanos Factories skyscrapers Niagara Falls Steel Mills radios homeless Conservatives, don t forgetRussia is about Tzars Stalin Poetry Secret Police Communism barefoot in the snowBut that s not really Russia it s a conceptA concept is about how to look at the earth from the moonwithout ever getting there The moon is about love Werewolves, also Poe.
Poe is about looking at the moon from the sunor else the graveyardEverything is about something if you re a thin movie producer chainsmoking mugglesThe world is about overpopulation, Imperial invasions, Biocide, Genocide, Fratricidal Wars, Starvation, Holocaust, mass injury murder, high technologySuper science, atom Nuclear Neutron Hydrogen detritus, Radiation Compassion Buddha, AlchemyCommunication is about monopoly television radio movie newspaper spin on Earth, i.
e planetary censorship.
Universe is about Universe.
Allen Ginsberg is about confused mind writing down newspaper headlines from Mars The audience is about salvation, the listeners are about sex, Spiritual gymnastics, nostalgia for the Steam Engine Pony ExpressHitler Stalin Roosevelt Churchill are about arithmetic Quadrilateral equations, above all chemistry physics chaos theory Who cares what it s all about I do Edgar Allan Poe cares Shelley cares Beethoven Dylan care.
Do you care What are you aboutor are you a human being with 10 fingers two eyes c Whatever this isQ Fie My FumPull my daisy,Tip my cup,Cut my thoughtsFor coconuts,Bone my shadow,Dove my soul,Set a haloOn my skull,Ark my darkness,Rack my lacks,Bleak my lurking,Lark my looks,Start my Arden,Gate my shades,Silk my garden,Rose my days,Whore my door,Stone my dream,Milk my mindAnd make me cream,Say my oops,Ope my shell, Roll my bones, Ring my bell,Pope my parts,Pop my pot,Poke my pap,Pit my plum c Atrociousness Q My Team Is Red HotMy dick is red hotYour dick is diddly dotMy politics red hotYour politics diddly plotMy President s red hotyour President s diddly blotMy land is red hotYour land is diddly knotMy nation s red hotYour nation s diddly rotMy cosmos red hotYour cosmos diddly iddly squat c What the hell is this Nasty Q Some Little Boys DontSome little boys like itSome little boys dontSome little girls swipe itSome little girls won tSome nephews suck itSome lollypops gruntSome nieces truck itIf grandpa s a runtSome puberties request itFour times a monthSome girl teens breast itSome eat it for brunchSome little people gargleSome adolescents warbleSome teenyboppers babbleSome kiddies play Scrabble c Unfortunate offensiveQ In SocietyI walked into the cocktail partyroom and found three or four queerstalking together in queertalk.
I tried to be friendly but heardmyself talking to one in hiptalk I m glad to see you, he said, andlooked away Hmn, I mused The roomwas small and had a double deckerbed in it, and cooking apparatus icebox, cabinet, toasters, stove the hosts seemed to live with roomenough only for cooking and sleeping.
My remark on this score was understoodbut not appreciated I wasoffered refreshments, which I accepted c Here, For The First Time, Is A Volume That Gathers The Published Verse Of Allen Ginsberg In Its Entirety, A Half Century Of Brilliant Work From One Of America S Great Poets The Chief Figure Among The Beats, Ginsberg Changed The Course Of American Poetry, Liberating It From Closed Academic Forms With The Creation Of Open, Vocal, Spontaneous, And Energetic Postmodern Verse In The Tradition Of Walt Whitman, Guillaume Apollinaire, Hart Crane, Ezra Pound, And William Carlos Williams Ginsberg S Classics Howl, Reality Sandwiches, Kaddish, Planet News, And The Fall Of America Led American And International Poetry Toward Uncensored Vernacular, Explicit Candor, The Ecstatic, The Rhapsodic, And The Sincere All Leavened By An Attractive And Pervasive Streak Of Common Sense Ginsberg S Raw Tones And Attitudes Of Spiritual Liberation Also Helped Catalyze A Psychological Revolution That Has Become A Permanent Part Of Our Cultural Heritage, Profoundly Influencing Not Only Poetry And Popular Song And Speech, But Also Our View Of The WorldThe Uninterrupted Energy Of Ginsberg S Remarkable Career Is Clearly Revealed In This Collection Seen In Order Of Composition, The Poems Reflect On One Another They Are Not Only Works But Also A Work Included Here Are All The Poems From The Earlier Volume Collected Poems, And From Ginsberg S Subsequent And Final Three books Of New Poetry White Shroud, Cosmopolitan Greetings, And Death Fame Enriching This Book Are Illustrations By Ginsberg S Artist Friends Unusual And Illuminating Notes To The Poems, Inimitably Prepared By The Poet Himself Extensive Indexes As Well As Prefaces And Various Other Materials That Accompanied The original Publications