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Û Read Ú Girl, Going on 17: Pants on Fire by Sue Limb Ú Having listened to the first two books in this series, I was actually pretty excited to read this one They don t have it available on audio but that was okay because by this point I was pretty into the characters, especially Jess and Fred I was a little bit surprised by how they break up in the beginning but I thought the whole book was well written and very engaging Jess is a likable protagonist and even though she keeps screwing up, you can t help but root for her I liked the story lines that the supporting characters had in this book It was a cute way to end the series.
Really good teen read, enjoyed it.
It S Never Fun When A Great Summer Comes To An EndParticularly When One Argues With One S Adorable, But Grossly Insensitive, Boyfriend The Night Before School Starts It S Such A Terrible Fight, Jess Doesn T Know Are They Broken Up Should She Apologize Too Bad Jess Is Spending All Her Time In Detention And Can T Talk To Fred To Figure It Out A Sadistic New English Teacher Has Decided Jess Needs An Attitude Adjustment, And Jess Can T Seem To Stop Making Terrible Mistakes When She Ends Up Pantless In Her Own Backyard, Jess Is Left To Ask Herself Where Did She Go Wrong And What Can Be Done To Make It Up To Fred And Salvage This Horrible, Horrible Year I found this book among my teenage sister s collection The name and cover of the book is very catchy and the summary on the back intrigued me I finished it in an hour and I did not feel that my time was wasted at all Sometimes all we need is a breath of fresh air and this book is just that A whirlwind of teenage drama and hormones flying about Overall I had fun reading this one.
Sue Limb s novel, suggestively entitled Pants on Fire , was recommended to me as the best thing to fill my boring afternoons with Although in the beginning I was a bit weary of reading something I would normally classify as cheasy teenage drama , little did I know that I was about to discover a book which was so funny and as comforting as a hot chocolate.
The book tells the story of a girl named Jordan, for whom every day of life as a teenager is a challenge She starts the new school year under the bad auspices of a terrible row with her boyfriend, Fred, and, to add insult to injury, not only does she develop a mutual animosity with her new English teacher, Miss Thorn, but also finds out that the annual stand up comedy show has been cancelled As the plot evolves, Jordan tries to improve her relationship with Fred, as well as solve her problems at school, and all this despite being constantly followed by bad luck.
What I find striking about this novel is the main character s credibility Jordan perfectly fits the profile of an average 16 year old girl, embarrassed by her looks and lack of popularity, but at the same time gifted with a rich imagination and a talent for acting In fact, I would say that the success of the book is due mainly to the fact that teenagers find many similarities between the protagonist and themselves, which increases their interest for the story.
Another thing you cannot fail to notice while reading it is the author s unique style and impressive sense of humour Combining hilarious dialogues with passages of compelling prose, Sue Limb manages to provide her readers with a light, entertaining lecture, one that will certainly put a smile on their faces.
I would recommend this book to anyone, especially to those parents who would like to understand their children better and have an insight into the ups and downs of being a teenager.
The adventures or, rather, misadventures of Jess Jordan continue in this sequel to Girl, Nearly 16 Absolute Torture Fred and Jess are going back to school, and Fred is a bit concerned about how other people will view their relationship He says something regrettable to Jess about it, who is hurt, and both end up confused and barely speaking Jess gets in trouble almost right away with her new teacher Miss Thorn who doesn t think much of Jess sense of humor She winds up with restricted leisure time LOL loss of leisure and must spend her breaks in her head of year s office every day for several weeks Meanwhile, Ben, Jess crush from a couple years back, is suddenly expressing an interest in her, and Jess can t even entertain the thought as she s completely heartbroken over Fred Things come to a head when Jess best friend Flora is thrown out of the play, and Fred and Jess reconnect over the production of their own show a variety of comedy sketches written, produced, and acted by them and their friends a huge success.
These Jess Jordan tales are reliably funny and entertaining, but after this run of chick lit, I m really ready to try something else The thing that bothers me about most romance novels and about Jess and Fred s relationship is how poorly people communicate If they d just manage to get together and talk things out, the tension would evaporate the plot would disappear , and things would get better I have limited patience for people defeating themselves over and over again through the same mechanisms While this kind of behavior is probably true to life, it s not the kind of stress that bears too much thinking about Act Do Talk it out Do it Now I don t see why Fred and Jess can t be together and work through some other kind of plot development For homework make a list of other things that could be going on that are not relationship related Nevertheless, if you liked the others in this series, chances are you will enjoy the continuing story.
Girl, Going on 17 Pants on Fire by Sue Limb, continues the story of the beloved Jess Jordan Things had been going great during the summer, her visiting her dad and his significant other, her relationship with Fred, and Granny throwing the ashes of Grandpa out to sea But her bliss doesn t last long once the summer comes to a close A huge fight with Fred, her moms Japanese pupil learning English, and the new language arts teacher, Miss Thorn With Jess being on the LOL List, loss of leisure, the whole first semester is a disaster Lies, lies, and a little bit of truth get Jess into trouble than she could ve imagined, especially with Miss Thorn being the permanent substitute until Mr Fothergrill is able to return from a horrible car accident in Portugal Twelfth Night, is the school play run by Miss Thorn, instead of the usual Winter Show before the holidays Jess and the gang Fred and Flora with a few additional members Ben Jones and Mackenzie, a guy to be clear are determined to put on a Comedy Show the lunch period of the day school lets out for the holidays Impersonations, sketches, and a cross dressing girl band, is this enough to patch up her relationship with Fred and get through the rest of the semester with promising results There s only one way to find out Girl, Going on 17 Pants on Fire I rated this book 5 stars because of the hilarious, embarrassing, and suspenseful page turners Sue Limb includes in every chapter This book is a realistic fiction because takes place in England and includes fake characters.
I started reading this series when I was 15, I think, and I remember the first book was hilarious, the second one not so much, and this one is just no In the first book Jess was in love with Ben Jones, only the most popular guy and the hottest guy in her school She spent half of her time imagining scenarios about her crush and thinking about how small her breasts were which she named Bonnie and Clyde I mean really, Jess is out of her mind The second one is about Jess going on a road trip with her Mom, it was of course less funny because she was too busy freaking out about having a new boyfriend And then in this one she s too busy freaking out about NOT having a boyfriend because they had a fight and stopped talking to each other like a couple of eight years old Seriously, this book is basically just about Jess whining about her boyfriend less state and how much detention she got from the new english teacher, it s not very fun to read.

Jess and her boyfriend, Fred, get into a huge fight and break up The school year then starts again after a long summer Jess and Fred continue to ignore each other and try to make each other jealous by talking to other people School starts to be a big struggle for Jess.
Her English teacher tries to change her attitude, but she continues to make the same mistakes A lot of things have changed within six months, the good and the bad all made quite an interesting end to this novel I recommend this book to any girl in her late teens, because its a love story with some humor I don t recommend this to adults, because it s quite childish.
The story line is fitting for a high school reader.
Better than the last Funny LOL