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[Vanessa Bell] õ Hyde Park Gate News: The Stephen Family Newspaper (Modern Voices Series) [addition PDF] Ebook Epub Download í Delightful, daily news created by the Stephen Family Virginia Woolf and her siblings in her teen years during 1890s Clever and engaging A peek into the lives of a highly literate family, meant to amuse and impress parents with exceedingly high standards.
As Children, Virginia Woolf, Sister Vanessa Bell, And Brother Thoby, Collaborated On Their Own Family Newspaper Published Here For The First Time Ever, The Hyde Park Gate News Also Includes Their original Drawings Ingeniously Mimicking The Style Of The Leading Newspapers Of Their Day, The Stephen Children Virginia, Vanessa, And Thoby Present A Charming And Candid Portrayal Of The Day To Day Events At The Family Home In London And At Their Holiday Home In St Ives Gossipy, Playful, And At Times Irreverent, They Record The Comings And Goings Of A Host Of Figures While Also Proffering Their Own Fictional, Poetic, And Artistic Creations Virginia Woolf Is One Of The Most Important Figures Of The Modernist Movement Her Sister Vanessa Bell Was A Painter And A Central Figure Of The Bloomsbury Group MWA HA HA it is MINE For 5.
98, from Half Price books MINE.
Will not read again vaguely interesting, but nothing extremely special.
Utterly charming and acerbic in equal measure, but the footnotes tend to be rather confusing at times.

Reading this book, I think, would delight many readers since Virginia Woolf, her sister Vanessa Bell and brother Thoby Stephen did join their ideas and take action by composing these mimicking, amusing and candid news reports, fiction and poems of their own when Virginia was ten, Vanessa thirteen And Thoby twelve They have since revealed their writerly creations when they were so young that we find them amazing due to their literary aptitude As affirmed in its Forward by Hermione Lee who wrote Virginia Woolf 1996 , It is an enchanting, funny and vigorous example of nineteenth century juvenilia It tells us a great deal about the characters, values, and familial behavior of the Stephens And, for readers of Woolf, it has an extraordinary impact p vii The following excerpts presented in its one column format, not two like those in the book would be partially extracted Riddles1 What is the differ ence between aspider and a deadhorse 2 What is the dif ference between acamera and thewhooping cough 3 If c a t spellscat how do youspell it Answers1 One has fly bitesand the other bites flies.
2 One makes fac similes and theother makes sickfamilies.
3 I t p 4 An Easy Alphabet for Infants A is for Prince Albertso good and so kindB for the black princeWho was never behindC for CarlyleA great author was heD for DrakeWho sailed O er the seaE for Miss EdgeworthWho wrote many booksF for the FrenchmenWho took good care of their looksG for Goliathso great and so strongH the 8th HenryWho to his wifes did great wrongI for Hal Irvinga painstaking actorJ for Sam JohnsonYour minds benefactor p 7 SUNDRY INTERESTINGJOTINGS.
Many people do not know thatthe hight of mount Eveerest is29002 feet above the sea.
Many people do not know that rats some times bitepeople to death.
Many people do not knowthat a man named Howeinvented sewing machines p 16 AN ARTICLE ON CHEKINESSYoung children shouldbe nipped in the bud ofcheekiness otherwise impertinancewhich when the child in creases in years it growsinto audacity It isthen indeed a greathinderance to mankindfor nobody likes to havea fellow in his employmentwho has not a civil tonguein his head The way tocheck it is thus at thefirst sign of cheekinesstake him or her as thecase may be and give him or her a sound licking Repeatagain if necessary p 26 Mr Thoby Stephencame home onWednesday It makesone feel quite youngagain when looking on his ruddy features which display all therudiments of health.
How nice it mustbe to be young As onegets older one appreciates the value ofbeing young p 53 etc.
young virginia woolf pure gold favorite excerpt nora my own tom i love you with that fervent passion with which my father regards Roast beef but i do not look upon you with the same eyes as my father for he likes Roast Beef for its tast but i like you for your personal merits.