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☆ Living History ☆ Download by Ë Hillary Rodham Clinton Hillary Clinton is one intriguing person She has drawn strong opinions, both good and bad, over her politics and serious personality, but the lady deserves some respect An outspoken advocate for children, health care and especially women s rights, she has waded through some pretty thick political muck to get where she is Her struggle with finding her own voice in the shadow of a President as well as the many connections made with foreign leaders are serving her well as our current Secretary of State Her autobiography is written in a straightforward manner, at times dry and crowded with name dropping, but the details of Clinton s life and what she learned in her eight years as First Lady are often poignant She does light briefly on her feelings during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, but much of the book s depth is geared toward her hard work on certain issues as well as her frustration at the aggressive Republican offensive targeting President Clinton s administration In all, a stimulating look into the life of an intelligent, accomplished woman who continues to shape political history.
I LOVE bios and I did enjoy this one You just have to take it for what it isan Autobiography written by someone with future political aspirations I do feel that it was honest and I found it very interesting Hillary was doing amazing, selfless things at a very young age and I was very inspired The thing that I didn t like about the book was that it was sort of a who s who list at times I appreciate that she remembers everyone who has ever helped her, but it seemed fake Here s who I knowhere s who I appreciateblah, blah I m on the fence about Hillary as a politician But as a person, I like her and I very much admire her strength.
A Surprisingly Engaging And, At Points, Even Compelling BookClinton Provides Enough Of A Peek Behind The Curtain To Keep The Pages Turning And Presents Intriguing New Details On Her Role In Shaping The Policies Of Her Husband S PresidencyHillary Rodham Clinton Is Known To Hundreds Of Millions Of People Around The World Yet Few Beyond Her Close Friends And Family Have Ever Heard Her Account Of Her Extraordinary Journey She Writes With Candor, Humor And Passion About Her Upbringing In Suburban, Middle Class America In The S And Her Transformation From Goldwater Girl To Student Activist To Controversial First Lady Living History Is Her Revealing Memoir Of Life Through The White House Years It Is Also Her Chronicle Of Living History With Bill Clinton, A Thirty Year Adventure In Love And Politics That Survives Personal Betrayal, Relentless Partisan Investigations And Constant Public Scrutiny Hillary Rodham Clinton Came Of Age During A Time Of Tumultuous Social And Political Change In America Like Many Women Of Her Generation, She Grew Up With Choices And Opportunities Unknown To Her Mother Or Grandmother She Charted Her Own Course Through Unexplored Terrain Responding To The Changing Times And Her Own Internal Compass And Became An Emblem For Some And A Lightning Rod For Others Wife, Mother, Lawyer, Advocate And International Icon, She Has Lived Through America S Great Political Wars, From Watergate To Whitewater The Only First Lady To Play A Major Role In Shaping Domestic Legislation, Hillary Rodham Clinton Traveled Tirelessly Around The Country To Champion Health Care, Expand Economic And Educational Opportunity And Promote The Needs Of Children And Families, And She Crisscrossed The Globe On Behalf Of Women S Rights, Human Rights And Democracy She Redefined The Position Of First Lady And Helped Save The Presidency From An Unconstitutional, Politically Motivated Impeachment Intimate, Powerful And Inspiring, Living History Captures The Essence Of One Of The Most Remarkable Women Of Our Time And The Challenging Process By Which She Came To Define Herself And Find Her Own Voice As A Woman And As A Formidable Figure In American Politics I may be showing my political colors with this choice Yes, I also eagerly devoured both of Barack Obama s books in 2006 7 However, in my defense, I have also read memoirs by Laura Bush and Sarah Palin, both of which, like this, are rud to have been ghostwritten In her acknowledgments Clinton mentions Lissa Muscatine as Responsible for many of the words in my speeches as First Lady and in this book The first few chapters, about Clinton s early years and college days, are rather plodding, but once she meets Bill at Yale Law School in 1971 things pick up, and I found the whole informative and diverting By this point she d switched allegiances, having grown up with a conservative father and been active in the Young Republicans in high school I hadn t realized that Clinton was an accomplished lawyer in her own right, focusing on women s and children s rights and family law She also got early tastes of life in Washington, D.
, interning there in 1968 and then being hired as a researcher on the impeachment case against Richard Nixon an experience that, ironically, came in handy three decades later.
Even before Bill was elected governor of Arkansas, Clinton felt the usual working woman s dilemma between supporting her husband and having her own independent career She kept the name Rodham for the first years of their marriage but eventually, under pressure from advisors in Arkansas, agreed to add Bill s last name She is honest and self deprecating about image issues she had throughout Bill s governorship and presidency times she put her foot in her mouth You know, I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life, she said in a presidential campaign interview in Chicago , hairstyles gone wrong, ways she was misunderstood, how she was damned if she did and damned if she didn t.
Inevitably, a good chunk of the book is devoted to the investigations that plagued the Clinton administration, starting with Whitewater There s no doubt about it Kenneth Starr is the villain of this book Clinton regrets consenting to the independent counsel in the first place, but also believes partisan voices used investigation as a weapon of political destruction She is also able to separate her personal hurt from the legality of the impeachment hearing, and asserts that impeachment charges should never have been brought in Bill s case.
Clinton was a whole new breed of First Lady For one thing, she chaired the committee for Bill s health care bill, which flopped due to partisan politics it could be argued that we re still suffering from the fallout today She also made state visits on Bill s behalf to South Asia and Central Europe her staff joked that she was sent to the small, poor and dangerous places Her speech on behalf of women s rights in Beijing is still a touchstone for international feminism It was part of what she called the humanization of politics Writing in 2003, Clinton pinpointed trends that have only become evident in the years since a widening gap between the Left and Right in America, with conservatives becoming entrenched in anti intellectualism and seemingly trying to turn the clock back on social progress and unwillingness to compromise on cross party initiatives She also felt that Bill suffered from personal attacks on his legitimacy, something that also happened to Obama.
There aren t a whole lot of funny moments in the book, but a couple anecdotes I particularly enjoyed were Clinton desperately trying to avoid meeting Fidel Castro at Nelson Mandela s inauguration party, and Bill being packed in dry ice so he could fly to Helsinki to meet with Boris Yeltsin even though he had a torn quadriceps I was also surprised to learn that missile strikes against Osama bin Laden s Afghanistan training camps began as early as August 1998, and missed taking him out by just a few hours Imagine how different the future would have been had he been killed then.
The eight years of Bill s presidency are very much the focus of the book, which ends with her and Bill saying a final farewell to the White House By this point, though, Clinton had fought a successful campaign to be New York s newest senator, so she left with a new mission in hand I picked up a secondhand copy of Hard Choices the other week and look forward to learning about her time as a senator and then as Obama s Secretary of State.
Favorite lines after her speech at her Wellesley graduation The accolades and attacks turned out to be a preview of things to come I have never been as good as or as bad as my most fervid supporters and opponents claimed It seemed that people could perceive me only as one thing or the other either a hardworking professional woman or a conscientious and caring hostess I struggled to understand how I had become such a lightning rod for people s anger.
I won t take this review as an unbridled opportunity to defend Clinton in the wake of her current demon ization by the press both liberal and conservative Suffice to say that I don t see how one can not finish this book and not gather that she is HANDS DOWN the most QUALIFIED Democratic candidate for the U.
S Presidency This is worth the read for an appreciation of her role in breaking new ground for the first lady as ambassador and foreign policy consultant Very interesting in light of popular indictment of her role in the failed like doomed push for healthcare reform during the Clinton admin Also interesting to get her perspective on Whitewater, although of course, the reader must consider the source.
Oh, and the Lewinsky stuff Handled with grace, candor and aplomb.
I have to start by confessing the Clintons are my favorite politicians and I love them dearly I miss Bill being in the White House and I think Hillary should have been Now that that s out of the way, I finally, finally got a copy of this book and I just couldn t put it down I am biased, remember I thought it was enthralling I think it really showed the human side of Hillary, whereas in the media she s often portrayed in a very negative light, or like she s a robot or something I loved this book And I learned a lot too For instance, I didn t know she grew up a staunch Republican and was both a Goldwater girl and the president of her college s Republican club That was interesting I got a feel throughout the book that she really was truly in love with Bill and that his betrayal of her with Monica hurt her deeply, but it was her love of him that ultimately kept them together She doesn t mince words with her hurt and despair over his affair She also spends a lot of time on their eight years in the White House together which obviously makes sense She defends Bill and the Democrats and while trying to be reasonably fair, she does take the Republicans to task at times, especially Newt, Bob Dole, and Bush She was appalled at the 2000 election results where the Supreme Court stole the popular vote from Gore and gave the presidency to Bush I am too, still I didn t know, however, that Hillary was such an amazing advocate for women and children throughout the world She made the rounds, got a lot accomplished, and was heavily honored for her efforts This book was written in 2004, after she had become a New York senator I wish there could be a 2010 2012 update with her role as Secretary of State under Obama I d be interested in what she would have to say about current Republican obstructionism She also made Chelsea come alive for me I hadn t known that much about her, and she details the trips they took together, and the campaigning Chelsea did for them, etc.
, et al, and I have a greater appreciation for their daughter now Bill wasn t a perfect person, man, or president, but he did preside over the greatest period of prosperity in our country s history, along with numerous other achievements, all the while with Ken Starr trying to put him in jail talk about a stupid, wicked witch hunt and I admire him even after reading this book Hillary talks about her health care reform efforts and how those were blunted by the Republicans, although she did get accomplished there than I had realized All in all, if you re a Clinton fan, you ll probably enjoy the book If you re not, you ll probably hate it A lot of people on Goodreads complain about the name dropping in this book, but I viewed it as legitimate Hillary DID have a lot of people to talk about and thank What s wrong with that It wasn t a distraction for me I m so happy I finally bought this book and read it Now I have to read Bill s books.
I did not realize how badly I wanted to see a woman president until I listened to this book on audio and listened to her voice and fell in love with Hillary Clinton and started crying lots of times throughout It s really interesting to hear about all of the scandals during the Clinton presidency from the other side and then to compare them to what s happening now Things like Whitewater are infinitesimal compared to Halliburton, but the amount of attention they are paid are totally out of whack because Bush also put us at war I m off my soapbox Listen to the audio version of this book instead of reading it, I think It s nice to hear Hillary s clear voice Audio for rent at Women and CHildren FIrst This was written in 2005 Don t take it too seriously And I don t even regret Hillary didn t make it to president Warning This text isn t as much about the book as it is inspired by the book Living History, Hillary Clinton s autobiography, that focuses on her years in the White House I have always admired Hillary Clinton, and thought she is good Right now I m actually not so sure about what I knew about her before I read this book Probably something about her being in the Senate and staying with her husband regardless of the scandals The reason why I wanted to read this book was that I wanted an insight into the White House What is it like living there, being part of these US politics Hillary was an obvious choice.
The book was both interesting and boring, which is quite paradoxal It was interesting to read about life as the First Lady in the White House, and about who Hillary Clinton actually was The chapters about her travels abound the world were also interesting But some parts were quite boring probably because of the hard words I didn t understand and the issues I wasn t interested in Some parts I just eyed through Long accounts of political issues I wasn t that inserted in, and explanations of the Whitewater scandal which I never really got what it actually was about Yes the scandals Okay, one reason why I wanted to read the book was that I wanted to know what Hillary had to say about Bill and the Monika Levinsky scandal I mean, all those scandals abound the Clintons That s what I knew them for What I did basically think about the US presidents Bill Clinton, the scandal president, the president who betrayed his wife, and George W Bush, the Iraq war president, or just The Idiot The thing is that I didn t really know what Bill Clinton actually had done expect betrayed his wife Stupid But still I always thought that Bill Clinton was a good president He didn t do anything stupid, and he was a democrat Actually he did a lot of good things I just didn t know about Bill Clinton is really the only US president I feel positive about expect Kennedy, after all he must have been good since he was killed After all only good people are killed, aren t they As for the scandals they are stupid, they have nothing with Clinton s presidency to do After all even presidents are only humans, and there are millions of other people who have committed adultery Adultery is morally wrong, but such things should stay between those who are concerted mainly husband and wife The media clearly shouldn t have taken up the issue The president should be a good role model, yes, but even the American people have nothing to do with his private life Note 2014 I don t quite agree with this any Clinton shouldn t have done it, period But back to Hillary I think she definitely did the right thing staying with her husband I always did Actually that is one of the admirable things about her The ability to forgive those you love That everybody don t have and I m not saying they all should Anyway Hillary was a very great First Lady, and a very different First Lady I really appreciate that she run for the Senate That was brave And I really do think that Hillary is a good politician After all she has good experience I really do hope Hillary will run for president too in 2008 or whenever it is I think she would be the best president the US could get right now They need a woman, they need a democrat Who could be better that Hillary Clinton After all she is bound to know what it is about after those 8 years in the White House She has experience And she ISN T just Bill Clinton s wife I do totally support her I really wish I had a vote in the elections in the US I m not sure if it was my history teacher or some newspaper that said that everybody in the whole world should have a vote in the election of the president of the USA I think I would gladly change my Finnish vote for an US one even thou I live here and not there The US politics are a lot interesting I don t understand how the voting percent can be low in the USWell, now I just hope Hillary Clinton isn t an other princes Diana Ever since Diana died and documentaries of her and her work were shown on the tv that very day, I have admired her too I was only 11 then, but the pictures of her and mother Teresa together convinced me of that she was a hero Later I learned that there was an other side of her too She was a selfish rich bitch, but I do still think that she would have turned out good it she hadn t died I really hope that Hillary Clinton won t turn out to be something else than what I thought she was But I don t think so But I do also know that this book is an autobiography, and it presents things like Hillary Clinton wants me to see them I know, I know But I want to believe this was the truth Well, now I just can t stop writing, even thou I m constantly making end paragraphs I must just say that I love America the USA And not because of this book Hillary Clinton is of course an awful patriot, but I had this feeling already before I read the book I read the book because of this feeling What I mean is that I kind of admire the USA This is a dangerous thing to say, cos it s hard to get the choice of words right They have archived some good things in the US A lot of very different people live together as a nation A lot of very different regions form a nation Oh no, I take back most of what I just wrote in this paragraph The right choice of words is that I have a special feeling for the USA I am interested in this nation and how it works That like it, cos there are A LOT of negative things about the US A lot of things I don t approve of They have too much power Really I don t even think there should be a USA There should be a New York, a Wisconsin, a Maryland, a Texas and a California and so on Then there would be no nation for Hillary Clinton to be president of, but so what.
And til the USA is split up Hillary Clinton, run for president You are great

Far from wanting to influence public opinion of the American people, I think Hillary has everything it takes to be the first woman president of this country A positive attitude, easy to communicate, commitment to what they do, flexibility and adaptation to adversity, know how to manage, with priorities, the working group are many of the features that Hillary presents I think this book is a good start to get to know better the political activity if it is not already well known , by Hillary Clinton We should also strengthen the tenacious struggle printed next to President Clinton, in the cases of marital infidelity between the two, as well as the inalienable rights of women around the world My mother was fundamentally democratic, but it was not in a state My father was raised in the purest conservative Republican faith, and he was proud.
Enjoyable read interesting history lesson and life on being a first lady paperback