Trailer ✓ The Art of Computer Programming, Volumes 1-3 Boxed Set PDF by î Donald Ervin Knuth

Trailer ✓ The Art of Computer Programming, Volumes 1-3 Boxed Set PDF by î Donald Ervin Knuth Reading it as a book for Advanced programming reference But I think I ll read it completely when it s last day of my life As programmers, this is our bible, along with A method of programming by E W Dijkstra, which somehow manages to condense into its few pages most of what Knuth expresses in these three now four large volumes Nevertheless, The Art of Computer Programming represents an absolute in terms of exposition of the process no programmer should be without the knowledge contained within Where Dijkstra, the European, represents a terse, quick method of thinking with huge leaps of intuition, fierce intelligence and sparse, elegant beauty, Knuth s approach is American methodical and complete, moving gradually from one step to another in a procedural fashion But there is room for beauty here, too, as Knuth slowly unfolds what has been percolating in his mind these last fifty years, during which he has gradually honed these volumes to perfection Reading them, one feels as though one has become part of that journey.
The mouseover to Randall s cartoon says Dear Reader Enclosed is a cheque for 98 cents Using your work, I have proved this equals the amount you requested Nick provides a proper reviewhttp www.
com review show Oh It s full of jokes, by the way Just as well I didn t have my cup of tea in hand when I came upon this one 4 M50 Prove that when n is an integer, n 2, the equation xn yn zn has no solution in positive integers x, y, z NB the book was published in the 1960s.
Jesus christ, this is some heavy duty stuff As a calculus 2 dropout, I might hit the wall early, but I really want to fight through this as much as I can before my head explodes.
Knuth cannot be compared to anything else It s both the beginning and the end of computer science you could spend months just trying to understand a single chapter I love it, but I barely understand a single math equation.

The definitive work on programming without a doubt there is no important book on Computer Science However, it s almost totally impenetrable I haven t read even a quarter of this, and fully understood much less, but that s nothing to be ashamed of, as probably no one else has either All the examples are in a made up assembly language, and Knuth invented his own typesetting system to publish it, which became widespread and famous.
The perfect Coffee table book.
Some people consider these books a sort of bible for computer programmers I wouldn t go so far A bible always assumes some form of religion And that would make the author a kind of deity, a pedestal upon which he certainly would not want to be put If you like to read a bible ish book by Donald Knuth read 3 16.
I learned a great deal from these books As a poor student I could only afford to buy Volume 3 Sorting and Searching The other two I borrowed or read directly at the library while listening to all the Ook s around me I bought my copy of SS almost exactly 30 years ago Back then algorithms were toys for me It was fun to play around with them, and Knuth s books helped a lot in understanding algorithms, and improving my own Later on, after my studies, those toys became tools in problem solving And that s what they still are at least to me.
Other people now use algorithms as weapons, and I m not even talking about hackers With the advent of BIG DATA the possibilities become seemingly infinite A brave new world awaits us A world ruled by algorithms Blessed be , Google, and the NSA Hallelujah I recommend this set of books to anyone seriously interested in the subject It s not intended as a pop science read for laymen If you get this joke on the traveling salesman problem you probably qualify To give you an idea of how long ago this was In my book I found a punch card pauses a punch card that I used as a bookmark We actually had to write programs on punch cards back then Those were the days.
I got the first edition of this book than 10 years back I have read and re read the series in book in parts over the years, and every time I was impressed by the scholarly mastery and precision of the author This arguably, is the most important text in computer science AOCP, along with Computer Algorithms by Corman, Leiserson and Rivest are the first books I turn to whenever I have an upcoming challenge or interview Pinnacle of Precision Perfection itself Every few months I have to go back to my Knuth for some forgotten analysis or modeling, and it s always a savory treat I know no other books so dense and overflowing with rare and obscenely useful tricks, so immense in their scope and successful in coverage thereof there s really nothing approachable in computer science or, so far as I know, in any field the Hilbert Courant volumes or Thorne s Gravitation might compare, if their subjects weren t so much vaster than computing, now in only its seventh or eighth decade as a proper discipline.
Don t bother with editions other than the magisterial Third I ve collected three editions, although I ve only studied the most recent remember that Knuth took ten years off to develop TeX as a response to the misery of preparing and printing the First The Third is a beauty, some of the best bound books in my library and practically indestructible to boot note that Volume 3 is in only its Second Edition.
Don t get me wrong TAOCP is not an introductory guide to programming by any means, and it d have been fantastically difficult although possible, in a Ramanujan like way to learn from these books alone try Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, or A Discipline of Programming, for that Indeed, I purchased them before I could put them to full use and while mathematically, abstractly and computationally underexperienced at 18, I wasn t a tremendous dumbass or anything Knuth demands, requires, and with epic results justifies a fair level of mathematical sophistication indeed, the greatest value of early exposure to these classics might be the immediate and forceful demonstration of the absolutely critical role mathematics, abjured by all too many undergraduates brought up on cheesy web programming and mind rotting video games, plays as a Real Programmer s cynosure and primary tool Both continuous and discrete analysis are required for following along with the text or solving most of the elegant, absolutely stunning problem sets Knuth has put effort into his problems than any author I know, hands down The sedulous reader will be rewarded many times over.
I ve heard complaints about Knuth s use of assembly language I m bewildered by these objections and find them fatuous in the extreme A well defined assembly language especially on the MIX MMIX machines, intended as they are for abstraction is surely much simpler than the majority of high level languages, if rather obscure in its mnemonics I learned assembly languages for the MosTek 6502 used in my ATARI 400 and Intel 8086 at the tender ages of 7 and 10, respectively, and found the former a far sensible and reasonable not to mention powerful ontology than an ATARI BASIC that served primarily to eat from your precious 16K of RAM Let s face a hard truth, gentlefolk if you can t figure out freakin assembly language, you d be better giving up those dreams of code and sticking to blue shirts, smiles and Best Buy s stereo department.
Just as two quick examples of Knuth s power and reach about a year ago, I needed to set up a multisite scanning platform driven by modular FSM s, designed to perform varied scans of the IPv4 space with an eye towards isotropy I sought to offer several different targeting schemes, and opened volume 2 wondering semi absentmindedly how might one enumerate 2 32 elements in a pseudorandom fashion on a 32 bit architecture Simply, and in O 1 state iterate through a linear congruence having period 2 32 The necessary constraint equations were there on page 20 or so I coded up the generating function before lunch that day, turned it into my awestruck boss, and it continues even now to form the heart of our active search operations Secondly, for a recent analysis of a multicore sort viz various cache setups, I was struggling to properly model the transactions I opened up Volume 3, and was blinded by 5.
2 Minimum Comparison Sorting , a section I swear I ve read multiple times but never thought to apply My analysis, much finer than it could have been otherwise, was completed within the hour.
Finally, they re uproariously funny at times Knuth s is an understated and erudite humor, but every few dozen pages he ll toss a riotous throwaway, often two or three levels of reference deep, into the middle of a pile of equations.
Knuth S Classic Work Has Been Widely Acclaimed As One Of The Most Influential Works In The Field Of Computer Science For The First Time, These books Are Available As A Boxed, Three Volume Set The Handsome Slipcase Makes This Set An Ideal Gift For The Recent Computer Science Graduate Or Professional Programmer Offering A Description Of Classical Computer Science, This Multi Volume Work Is A Useful Resource In Programming Theory And Practice For Students, Researchers, And Practitioners Alike For Programmers, It Offers Cookbook Solutions To Their Day To Day Problems