Download Epub Format Ç The Complete Poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge PDF by ä Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Download Epub Format Ç The Complete Poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge PDF by ä Samuel Taylor Coleridge O Pure Of Heart Thou Need St Not Ask Of Me What This Strong Music In The Soul May Be One Of The Major Figures Of English Romanticism, Samuel Taylor Coleridge Created Works Of Remarkable Diversity And Imaginative Genius The Period Of His Creative Friendship With William Wordsworth Inspired Some Of Coleridge S Best Known Poems, From The Nightmarish Vision Of The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner And The Opium Inspired Kubla Khan To The Sombre Passion Of Dejection An Ode And The Medieval Ballad Christabel His Meditative Conversation Poems, Such As Frost At Midnight And This Lime Tree Bower Mr Prison, Reflect On Remembrance And Solitude, While Late Works, Such As Youth And Age And Constancy To An Ideal Object, Are Haunting Meditations On Mortality And Lost Love This Volume Contains The Final Texts Of All The Poems Published During Coleridge S Lifetime And A Substantial Selection From Those Still In Manuscript At His Death, Arranged In Chronological Order Of Composition To Show His Development As A Poet Also Included Are An Introduction, Table Of Dates, Further Reading, Extensive Notes, And Indexes Of Titles And First Lines Nomy visionary soul shall dwellOn joys that were noendure to weighThe shame and anguish of the evil day,Wisely forgetful O er the ocean swellSublime of Hope, I seek the cottag d dellWhere Virtue calm with the careless step may stray,And dancing to the moonlight roundelay,The wizard Passions weave an holy spell Eyes that have ach d with Sorrow Ye shall weepTears of doubt mingled joy, like theirs who start From Precipices of distemper d sleep, On which the fierce eyed Fiends, their reveils keep, And see the rising Sun, and feel it dart New rays of pleasance trembling to the heart Pantisocracy I remember studying Coleridge quite a bit in my AP English class last year, particularly The Rime of the Ancient Mariner In fact, I think we really did learnabout him than any other Romantic As a result, in my solo studies I decided to give Coleridge a rest for a while, and it has been a year since then so what better time to study him than now I suppose I can compare him to the other Romantics I ve studied Lord Byron and John Keats Now, Coleridge belongs securely in the middle of the two for my personal taste I don t think that anybody can top the beauty of Keats, but I enjoy Coleridgethan Byron The main similarity is that beauty and elegant style that makes the Romantics so wonderful as a whole The use of clever rhyme and poignant topics set a clear tone Coleridge does a fantastic job of sticking to this trend.
Although I do not think that Coleridge is as sophisticated as Keats, I do think that he definitely had the same skill The same rhymes that would make me stop and ponder with Keats were evident in the poems of Coleridge Where I think the true beauty lies in this case, however, is in this poet s ability to make narrative poetry come alive Anyone who has been reading my reviews for a while should probably know that I don t particularly like narrative poetry, but I can make an exception for Coleridge Rime is a legendary, wonderful poem, as is Kubla Khan and I can bet you that most people that have picked up this collection picked it up for those two poems alone Bet you a million dollars In conclusion, I can t say muchabout Coleridge I am not as astonished by him as I am with some other poets, but I did not struggle through his works He is enjoyable, and his poems have a lovely flow to them that I find soothing.
This volume is a compendium of Coleridge s poems I essentially focused my reading on one of them, the longest and, perhaps, the most famous, namely The Rime of the Ancient Mariner The story told is somewhat tortuous a ships gets lost in Antactica, the mariner shoots an albatross, he then has to carry the bird s corpse as a burden, a phantom ship appears and the crew dies Finally the mariner reaches the homeland and is rescued by a hermit.
But what really is fascinating about this poem are the images e.
g All in a hot and copper sky The bloody sun at noon, Right up above the mast did stand, No bigger than the moon , andeven, the sounds and rhythms of Cloredige stanzas, often based on repetitions The Ice was here, the Ice was there, The Ice was all around , or Alone, alone, all, all alone, Alone on a wide wide sea It works like a rocking movement, quite akin to the movement of the waves.
In passing, I also stopped at Kubla Khan I believe one verse of all will stay with me That sunny dome those caves of ice

I feel like a hypocrite adding this, since its a collected edition and I m only really a fan of a few of his poems The thing is, the few I m a fan of are some of the best poems I ve ever read Rime , Aeolian Harp , Frost At Midnight.
He could barely contain the imagination he held so close in some of these masterpieces read him at his best and you won t be dissapointed.
He used to walk fervently up the street, conversation companion in tow, talking loudly and forcefully, switching sides every 20 yards or so He d doze off intermittently at social occasions, wake up and go on two hour rants about Kant and Hegel and such, to everyone s rapt attention Sheer power of intellect and a little opium laden imagination sure didn t hurt his place in literary history.
At his funeral, Wordsworth, weeping over his grave, said simply this the most Wonderful man I have ever met I m just bummed because there s no italics function here Still, I think you get the drift.