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Trailer Ü The Complete Poems PDF by Ó Thomas Hardy Hardy, Hardy, Hardy a brilliant novelist, but as a poet, he was uneven at best He has moments of lyric brilliance in such poems as The Darkling Thrush , but far too often, his poems have an air of the trivial They are pretty sometimes beautiful rarely moving though, and even less often is there a hint of depth.
Worth reading for the best poems though.
I haven t read the entire anthology, but this one is my favorite poem by this author, who also wrote Tess of the D Urbervilles Now I am dead you sing to meThe songs we used to know,But while I lived you had no wishOr care for doing so.
Now I am dead you come to meIn the moonlight, comfortless Ah, what would I have given aliveTo win such tenderness When you are dead, and stand to meNot differenced, as now,But like again, will you be coldAs when we lived, or how All those traditions honoring the death are symbolic and fulfilling to those who practice them, but it is just not something for me I really like this poem because it explains how I feel about the topic of dead loved ones My Christian mother often urges me to go to the cemetery to visit my deceased grandmother She reminded me that I haven t visited grandma in years and that I ought to do so She forgets that I am atheist and that I believe in investing one s time on the living, not on the dead.
I loved my grandmotherthan anybody She was one of the greatest influences in my life and I owe so much to her I do remember her often, laugh over anecdotes related to her, quote her, and release tears of despair during times when I wish she was here with me However, I am happy she lived a long, happy, and healthy life She had her turn on this planet and she used it well I would have done anything for her while she was alive Now, however, no matter what I do for her I know it will be useless because she no longer exists and her reality is simply one of darkness and nothingness Therefore, I told my mother that I d rather do something enjoyable with my time than go visit my grandmother s remains.
All those traditions honoring the death are symbolic and fulfilling to those who practice them, but it is just not something for me I really like this poem because it explains how I feel about the topic of dead loved ones I shared it with my mom and she really liked it too.
I just completed the variorum edition of Thomas Hardy The Complete Poems, edited by James Gibson Palgrave, 2001 I actually read every single poem in this massive tome, and all I can say is that it is breathtakingly amazing I have only read the complete poetic works of two other poets Emily Dickinson and Christina Rossetti and Thomas Hardy is certainly their equal, not only in output, but in quality, and Voice.
Hardy s poetry spans a period of time from the 1860s to his death in 1928 It is somewhat paradoxical, but Hardy is considered a great novelist of the Victorian period, but probably didn t really hit his stride with his poetry until into the 20th century I loved his story telling poems, and they are quite numerous According to Hardy biographers, he made a point of collecting the folktales and ballads that he heard as a child He then spun this raw material into some of the finest lyrical poems that I ve ever read Hardy is truly a master at delving into the raw human emotions associated with birth, growing up, life, Love, marriage, and even death Throughout his poetry, Hardy s poetic voice speaks to the human connection with the Nature of his beloved Wessex countryside as well as the human suffering that occurs as a result of injustice and intolerance I was also frankly surprised that there isn t a sense of Hardy preaching in any of his poems like his fiction, Hardy just tells the story with his poem, and he leaves it to the reader to draw their own conclusions.
Here s one brief example of the power, pathos and drama of Hardy s poetry By the BarrowsNOT far from Mellstock so tradition saith Where barrows, bulging as they bosoms wereOf Multimammia stretched supinely there,Catch night and noon the tempest s wanton breath,A battle, desperate doubtless unto death,Was one time fought The outlook, lone and bare,The towering hawk and passing raven share,And all the upland round is called The He th.
Here once a woman, in our modern age,Fought singlehandedly to shield a child One not her own from a man s senseless rage.
And to my mind no patriots bones there piledSo consecrate the silence as her deedOf stoic and devoted self unheed.
For many reasons, this sonnet always reminds me of Hardy s beautiful novel, The Return of the Native read it aloud to yourself, and experience the full beauty and power of the rhyming and metre of the poem It is safe to say that I will be revisiting this wonderful volume of Hardy s poetry frequently for the rest of my days.
I haven t read any poetry since reading Stephen Fry s The Ode Less Travelled Now that I have, I find that I am armed with pencil in hand making notes I must rub them outit s a library book The wonderful Mr Fry has caused me to count each line of verse to reveal it s metre HELP I used to just read the stuff Now I m dissecting the darn thing like a fully qualified anorak.
Long metre or short metre Now I have to metricise each line and compare verses I don t think there is a cure.
Anyway, I discover Thomas Hardy was a skilled metricist, even though I had to read some lines in a West Country accent to fit the syllables Hardy also hit me with Dorsetisms that I had to find the meanings of For instance, one line A longlegs, a moth, and a dumbledore , had nothing to do with J.
K Rowling A dumbledore is a bumblebee This book is a collection, put together by Claire Tomalin, containing just a small selection of the thousands of poems that Hardy wrote Midnight on the Great Western rings true to me and I also liked his WWI poems The Dead Drummer and Channel Firing Again the guns disturbed the hour, Roaring their readiness to avenge,As far inland as Stourton Tower, And Camelot,and starlit Stonehenge April 1914 Octo quatrain.
Now where did I put that rubber.
Hardy the Novelist I have known as far back as I can recall but Hardy the Poet has only been known to me for about 6 years I picked up saved a 1928 edition of collected poems out of a recycling bin which I now cherish and which is constantly at my elbow The Complete Poems paperback I acquired in order to take it on the road, and for it to be well handled and take the abuse not intended which my cherished fragile hard back 1928 edition may not tolerate I now consider Hardy like D.
H Lawrence to be a better poet than novelist I really still enjoy his novelist, but Hardy IMHO as a poet brings a pathos and insight that is rare and genuine to the verse Some critics consider his poems dated and too Victorian but I dare anyone to read She At His Funeral and say it is dated and irrelevant.

In his fifties, after he had written all the novels for which he is justly acclaimed, Hardy turned to his first love and the literary form for which he wanted to be remembered, poetry His nearly 1000 poems are collected in this volume, and reading them is a feast Hardy is traditional in preferring both rhyme and meter, but he is creative in the variety with which he uses them Often he varies the meter in unusual ways within a poem but usually than maintains the variation through multiple verses Occasionally he uses sprung rhythm as well These variations can be disconcerting until one becomes used to them, but close examination reveals that Hardy s use of such apparent irregularities serves the purpose of emphasis Frequently the intended effect without any seeming awkwardness can be best appreciated by reading through the enjambed lines without much or any pause The huge variety of poetic structures that consequently results is astounding and exhilarating, and his writing has had an important influence on subsequent poets.
Most of Hardy s poems are narrative in nature, usually presenting vignettes about common people and common life, often with dark, tragic, fated, or at least poignant endings The twist usually occurs at the very end of the poem and results in a fresh understanding and reinterpretation of what has gone before Many of his poems are lyrical love poems to his first wife with whom he had a progressively fraught and estranged relationship during their marriage, these poems having been written after her death if one is aware of his life and history, the result can seem a little disconcerting.
I have always liked Hardy s novels and have reread them a number of times Having read this volume of his poetical works, I think I like his verse even better.
Hardy was a prolific writer I found many gems and some dross After renewing this book from the library 6 times I ve decided to buy my own copy.
This is just beautiful poetry not some mumble of confused and abstract imagery intended to confuse instead of entertain the reader Pieces like Moments of Vision The Rival The Colour The Two Men take everyday experiences and make them profound and gripping Ease of language too that endears me to any piece of literature ease of language Thomas Hardy is an all time poetry great.
I have always loved Thomas Hardy s poetry and thought I would end the year by reading this small collection No one deals in poetry with problems of memory and time better than Hardy, at least that I have ever read In fact the world becomes a texture of memory and slides back and forth between past and present in ways that occasionally produce joy butcommonly regret and pain The question, as always, is what endures and what does not But, as is the case with most great poetry, one really should just read and leave much analysis aside Hardy s impact on me enduresand will, I think, until I exist only as someone else s memory, for better or for worse.
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