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☆ Read Ñ The Complete Poetry of John Milton by John Milton Ñ The First Complete Annotated Edition Of Milton S Poetry Available In A One Volume Paperback The Text Is Established From original Sources, With Collations Of All Known Manuscripts, Chronology And Verbal Variants Recorded Works In Latin, Greek And Italian Are Included With New Literal Translations Farewell happy fields,Where joy forever dwells hail, horrors PrefaceTable of DatesFurther Reading Poems 1645 On the Morning of Christ s Nativity A Paraphrase on Psalm 114 Psalm 136 The Passion On Time Upon the Circumcision At a Solemn Music An Epitaph on the Marchioness of Winchester Song On May Morning On Shakespeare 1630 On the University Carrier Another on the Same L Allegro Il Penseroso Sonnet I O nightingale Sonnet II Donna leggiadra Sonnet III Qual in colle aspro Canzone Sonnet IV Diodati, e te l dir Sonnet V Per certo Sonnet VI Giovane piano Sonnet VII How soon hath Time Sonnet VIII Captain or colonel Sonnet IX Lady that in the prime Sonnet X Daughter to that good Earl Arcades Lycidas A Masque Presented at Ludlow Castle Comus English Poems Added in 1673 On the Death of a Fair Infant At a Vacation Exercise Sonnet XI A book was writ of late Sonnet XII On the same I did but prompt the age Sonnet XIII To Mr H Lawes, on his Airs Sonnet XIV When Faith and Love Sonnet XV On the Late Massacre in Piedmont Sonnet XVI When I consider how my light is spent Sonnet XVII Lawrence of virtuous father Sonnet XVIII Cyriack, whose grandsire Sonnet XIX Methought I saw my late espous d saint The Fifth Ode of Horace On the New Forcers of Conscience Psalm Paraphrases Added in 1673 Psalms I VIII Psalms LXXX LXXXVIII Uncollected English Poems On the Lord General Fairfax To the Lord General Cromwell To Sir Henry Vane the Younger To Mr Cyriack Skinner upon his Blindness Fix Here Translations From the Prose Works Ah Constantine, of how much ill Founded in chaste and humble poverty Then passed he to a flow ry mountain green When I die Laughing to teach the truth Jesting decides great things Tis you that say it, not I This is true liberty, when freeborn men Whom do we count a good man There can be slain Goddess of shades, and huntress Brutus far to the west Low in a mead of kine Paradise Lost Paradise Regained Samson Agonistes The Latin and Greek Poems Elegiarum Liber Elegia I Ad Carolum Diodatum Elegia II In Obitum Praeconis Academici Cantabrigiensis Elegia III In Obitum Praesulis Wintoniensis Elegia IV Ad Thomam Iunium Elegia V In adventum veris Elegia VI Ad Carolum Diodatum, ruri commorantem Elegia VII Anno aetatis undevigesimo Haec ego mente In Proditionem Bombardicam In eandem In eandem In eandem In Inventorem Bombardae Ad Leonoram Romae canentem Ad eandem Ad eandemSilvarum Liber In Obitum Procancellarii Medici In Quintum Novembris In Obitum Praesulis Eliensis Naturam non pati senium De Idea Platonica quemadmodum Aristoteles intellexit Ad PatremGreek Verses Psalm CXIV Philosophus ad Regem Ad Salsillum Mansus Epitaphium Damonis Greek and Latin Poems Added in 1673 Apologus de Rustico et Hero In Effigiei eius Sculptorem Ad Ioannem Rousium Latin Poems from the Prose Works Epigram from Pro Populo Anglicano Defensio Epigram from Defensio Secunda Unpublished Latin Poems Carmina Elegiaca Asclepiads NotesIndex of TitlesIndex of First Lines

This book is actually only 611 pages with 362 pages of notes I didn t really bother to read the notes Maybe another day I ll read this book again to study the whole thing over.
I really love Milton He might just be my favorite poet In college, I believe, I only read Paradise Lost I might have read Paradise Regained, but I don t remember reading that one The rest of these poems were brand new for me Most of them I liked too.
One of the main reasons I like Milton is because he s such a good writer Something about his poems give me light in my dark brain I can see why William Blake liked him so much I also like Milton because who he was as a person, but this is his poems, not his non fiction, which I have to read at some point.
If you never read Milton before, I recommended him He s not really for everyone Depends if you like old poets and don t mind pro religious writers His words are truly beautiful.
Milton is considered one of the few greatest poets in the English language, so obviously a complete collection of his poetry is going to be pretty good As complete collections normally go, there s a lack of consistency in the interest level that some people are going to be bound to have as far as reading this straight through goes I just skimmed the Latin Greek poems for instance since they basically seemed like exercises in writing classically that were nonessential for me If I were to rank every work in this it would go like this Paradise Lost 5 5 Paradise Regained 5 5 Samson Agonistes 4.
5 5Comus 4 5 Early poems 3 5 overall some are higher lower Latin Greek poems 2 5Suffice to say these works are essential for any student of English writing, poetry, great human achievement in art, and Christianity or classicism in literature I especially recommend reading Paradise Lost at least.