[ Pdf The Essential Gandhi: An Anthology of His Writings on His Life, Work, and Ideas ¸ world-of-warcraft PDF ] by Mahatma Gandhi Å treatmentinlithuania.co.uk

[ Pdf The Essential Gandhi: An Anthology of His Writings on His Life, Work, and Ideas ¸ world-of-warcraft PDF ] by Mahatma Gandhi Å I am just in awe that a man such as this existed The mere thought that a man fasting would bring people together is mind blowing I misunderstood Gandhi s non violence movement before this book His faith in that fact that humanity is good is unparalleled to anything that I have read before I like that he never thought he had the absolute truth but just trying his best to find it.
I didn t know anything about Gandhi before, so I learned a lot about his life and philosophies, both of which were fascinating I found much of his writing inspiring I think the only problem with this book is that the editing is not as strong as it should be there were times when passages were repeated, and sometimes the chosen passages felt choppy together Other times, things got repetitive Still, it s a huge amount of information to condense into a manageable book for the average reader, so I can t complain much.
An Anthology Of His Writings On His Life, Work IdeasMohandas K Gandhi, Called Mahatma Great Soul , Was The Father Of Modern India, But His Influence Has Spread Well Beyond The Subcontinent, And Is As Important Today As It Was In The First Part Of The Twentieth Century, And During This Nation S Own Civil Rights Movement Taken From Gandhi S Writings Throughout His Life The Essential Gandhi Introduces Us To His Thoughts On Politics, Spirituality, Poverty, Suffering, Love, Non Violence, Civil Disobedience, And His Own Life The Pieces Collected Here, With Explanatory Head Notes By Gandhi Biographer Louis Fischer, Offer The Clearest, Most Thorough Portrait Of One Of The Greatest Spiritual Leaders The World Has Known Gandhi Was Inevitable If Humanity Is To Progress, Gandhi Is Inescapable We May Ignore Him At Our Own Risk Dr Martin Luther King, JrWith A New Preface Drawn From The Writings Of Eknath EaswaranIn The Annals Of Spirituality Certain books Stand Out Both For Their Historical Importance And For Their Continued Relevance The Vintage Spiritual Classics Series Offers The Greatest Of These Works In Authoritative New Editions, With Specially Commissioned Essays By Noted Contemporary Commentators Filled With Eloquence And Fresh Insight, Encouragement And Solace, Vintage Spiritual Classics Are Incomparable Resources For All Readers, Who Seek A Substantive Understanding Of Mankind S Relation To The Divine One of the most important books that I have ever read Although the editing of this book could have been better, the essence of Gandhi s message was preserved The book weaves together some of the Great Soul s best writings and introduces us to his beliefs, political views, philosophies and his relationship with his own spirituality Gandhi s achievements give us hope that if we embrace our enemies with love and compassion, and constantly battle our own demons and vices, then we have a real chance at living in this world free of war, violence and bloodshed.
This book made me realize how like able Gandhi Ji really was There may be things about him that I may not agree to or ideas that may not resonate with me but I guess that s OK He was just like me or any other human grappling to get a hold of life to find the perfect balance between carnal desires, obligations and one s true purpose in life or at least the pursuit of it.
It helped me feel calmer in my pursuit of life s true meaning and make peace with the fact that the answers will appear, mostly with no dramatics and drum rolls and that no one but the seeker will know when they do.
This is an interesting book on Gandhi s perspectives and life s work, but not as good as his autobiographical My Experiments With the Truth , which was of a narrative and flowed much better This book felt pastiched and scattered, though I did learn some things I didn t get from the aforementioned other work e.
, he was adamantly against being called Mahatma Overall, it s a worthwhile read, but I d get My Experiments first if you re just getting into Gandhi.
Great book I knew very little about Ghandi before reading this Found it at a library sale for 10 cents Fischer takes you through Ghandi s life and philosophies using Ghandi s own words compiled from various writings It s a great introduction to both Ghandi s life and his ideas Pretty easy reading, too.
Too powerful to have a proper reaction after the first read I ll return to this book later in the year and give it another go, and hopefully be able to grasp it better Much of his ideas are beautifully undeniable, but reading a lot of what he says also raises questions, which Gandhi of course would have had no issue with I ll be thinking about this into the unforeseeable future.

Such a simple philosophy on how to make the world better, adopt non violence satyagraha , renounce materiality, act on convictions and eradicate inequality, exploitation and idleness I admire Gandhi not only because of his bold statements, his ability to inspire, his active resolve, his visionary perspectives and his articulate mind, but also because he was so humble in recognizing his own personal weaknesses I found it so tragic that he was assassinated at a time when it seemed like all was lost as India was being split in two I sense he knew that he was asking too much of his people, but his message still holds true for the world to listen to today.
Some of my favorite quotes In my opinion, there is no place on earth and no race, which is not capable of producing the finest types of humanity, given suitable opportunities and education The law of the survival of the fittest is the law for the evolution of the brute, but the law of self sacrifice is the law of evolution for the man Passive resistance is an infinitely superior force to that of the vote, which history shows has often been turned against the voters themselvesExperience in South Africa shows that Indians will neither deserve nor gain the respect of their European neighbors until they give unmistakable signs of their own capacity for self respect All terrorism is bad whether put up in a good cause or bad Every cause is good in the estimation of its championpure motives can never justify impure or violent action There is no such thing as slow freedom Freedom is like a birth Till we are fully free we are slaves All birth takes place in a moment Nature is revenging herself upon us with terrible effect for this criminal waste of the gift she has bestowed upon us human beings If you could see the inner springs of actions and not the outward manifestations thereof, you would find a wonderful unityLeave the outward expression, the doctrine, the dogma and the form and behold the unity and oneness of spirit.
Then there will be no need to divide this universe of ours between heaven and hell, no need to divide fellow beings into virtuous and vicious, the eternally saved and the eternally damned Love shall inform your actions and pervade your life human nature is much the same, no matter under what clime it flourishes, and that if you approached people with trust and affection you would have ten fold trust and thousand fold affection returned to you.
For me the voice of God, of Conscience, of Truth or the Inner Voice or the still small Voice mean one and the same thing I saw no form I have never tried, for I have always believed God to be without form One who realizes God is freed from sin for ever But what I did hear was like a Voice from afar and yet quite near It was as unmistakable as some human voice definitely speaking to me, and irresistible I was not dreaming at the time I heard the Voice The hearing of the Voice was preceded by a terrific struggle within me Suddenly the Voice came upon me I listened, made certain that it was the Voice, and the struggle ceased I was calm The determination was made accordingly, the date and the hour of the fast were fixed Could I give any further evidence that it was truly the Voice that I heard and that it was not an echo of my own heated imagination I have no further evidence to convince the sceptic He is free to say that it was all self delusion or hallucination It may well have been so I can offer no proof to the contrary But I can say this that not the unanimous verdict of the whole world against me could shake me from the belief that what I heard was the true voice of God.