Download Epub Format Î The Works of William Wordsworth (Wordsworth Collection) PDF by Î William Wordsworth

Download Epub Format Î The Works of William Wordsworth (Wordsworth Collection) PDF by Î William Wordsworth TheI read about Wordsworth s life, theI find him very odd wouldn t be surprised if his sister wrote half of his stuff.
In the front of my book it isn t this one, the one I had dates from 1970, but it was a works I ve put This horrible book belongs to Alan Beard , so I obviously didn t like it at the time read for O level However I ve changed my mind since William Wordsworth Is The Foremost Of The English Romantic Poets He Was Much Influenced By The Events Of The French Revolution In His Youth, And He Deliberately Broke Away From The Artificial Diction Of The Augustan And Neo Classical Tradition Of The Eighteenth Century He Sought To Write In The Language Of Ordinary Men And Women, Of Ordinary Thoughts, Sights And Sounds, And His Early Poetry Represents This Fresh Approach To His Art Wordsworth Spent Most Of His Adult Life In The Lake District With His Sister Dorothy And His Wife Mary, By Whom He Had Four Children His Remarkable Autobiographical Poem The Prelude Was Completed In , But Was Not Published Until After His Death, And It Is Included In This Full Edition Of Wordsworth S Poetry BOOK SIXTHTHE CHURCHYARD AMONG THE MOUNTAINS It was the season of unfolding leaves, Of days advancing toward their utmost length, And small birds singing happily to mates Happy as they With spirit saddening power Winds pipe through fading woods but those blithe notes Strike the deserted to the heart I speak 860 Of what I know, and what we feel within Beside the cottage in which Ellen dwelt Stands a tall ash tree to whose topmost twig A thrush resorts, and annually chants, At morn and evening from that naked perch, While all the undergrove is thick with leaves, A time beguiling ditty, for delight Of his fond partner, silent in the nest Ah why, said Ellen, sighing to herself, Why do not words, and kiss, and solemn pledge 870 And nature that is kind in woman s breast, And reason that in man is wise and good, And fear of him who is a righteous judge Why do not these prevail for human life, To keep two hearts together, that began Their spring time with one love, and that have need Of mutual pity and forgiveness, sweet To grant, or be received while that poor bird O come and hear him Thou who hast to me Been faithless, hear him, though a lowly creature, 880 One of God s simple children that yet know not The universal Parent, how he sings As if he wished the firmament of heaven Should listen, and give back to him the voice Of his triumphant constancy and love The proclamation that he makes, how far His darkness doth transcend our fickle light I am still trying to learn to appreciate poetryand most recently decided to go through the complete works of Wordsworth Having begun this complete collection in January and now having just finished it, I will say that I m very glad that I spaced this out over so much time The writing is beautiful but at times, but at many points becomes needlessly verbose and bizarrely extraneous Frequently when reading the complete novels of great fiction writers, you can read several in a row and really get into their style and under their skin in a most productive way I discovered, at least for me, if I read too much of a single poet s work in one sitting that I become somewhat numb to their intended effect This is certainly dangerous with this collection which is over 1000 pages The plain language Romanticism of Wordsworth can be intoxicating at first though after a time has an inuring quality As such, I decided to read this collection out of order, jumping from one period of his life to the next, and only a little at a time While there is a great deal of otherwise negligible material here, there are certainly some standouts.
Even though it feels long winded at times, The Prelude is probably his finest achievement Some of the finer shorter works at least for me would be To a Butterfly the version from April 1802 My Heart Leaps UpComposed Upon Westminster BridgeTintern AbbeyTo a ChildI Wandered Lonely as a Cloud commonly identified as Daffodils This is fine poetry though inconsistent and an author with whom you should be familiar The bargain of having the complete works in this very affordable paperback is wonderful, but give Wordsworth a fair shake and don t read this too quickly or too much in one sitting.
Wordsworth was a master I don t really have much to add to that.
That is Amazing book The works by Wordsworth are nothing lesser than epitomes of poetry One of the best poet of all time His works are full of emotions and knowledge The collection inclued all his works in a systematic way.

I wandered lonely as a cloud was the first line of poetry that spoke to me personally My first introduction to poetry were psalms Bible and Shakespeare Then I ran across this poem and it changed my reading life forever.
The Old Sheep of the Lake District, Rumpole called him, and, as usual, Rumpole was right There is great poetry here, salting an interminable field of twaddle.