Á Turkey Riddles (Easy-to-Read, Puffin) ✓ Download by Á Katy Hall

Á Turkey Riddles (Easy-to-Read, Puffin) ✓ Download by Á Katy Hall Funny Thanksgiving jokes Here s a fun little book just perfect for these fall months before Thanksgiving and Christmas My 7 year old has enjoyed them, but has to have half of them explained,because of his Asperger s Syndrome he has some difficulty understanding idiomatic expressions and puns and other such play on words Some of the jokes just used terminology like fowl or ear of corn , he d not really heard before It s a level 3 and on the back they don t really tell you much about what that s supposed to mean I would think any AVERAGE 3RD grader could read this with ease, a eager reader could read most of it in even 1st grade Most kids though grades 3 thru 5 will like the jokes, which aren t too bad and each have very silly illustrations all quite colorful Examples What happened when Tom Turkey stepped up to the plate baseball picture of turkey getting ready to hit a the ball Answer He hit a fowl ball What did the turkey say when the pilgrim passed the potatoes picture of the first thanksgiving where the turkey, sitting on a large platter, looks quite happy Answer No thanks, I m stuffed.
I plan on using these on the days of Thanksgiving just to add to the general merriment My son loves to have job Head garbage taker outer and joke teller these days and takes these little duties very seriously.
Cute Riddles My third graders enjoyed them even though I had to explain the meaning behind most of them especially my ELL.

Fun This book is so funny It tells many jokes that are great for Thanksgiving It is even a book that is good for beginning readers.
Not that great Not funny Boring Don t read.
Cute silly book with puns and jokes A quick , fun read for Thanksgiving Do You Like Plucky Puns Do You Have A Fowl Sense Of Humor Well, Fluff Up Your Feathers And Get Ready For Fun Turkey Riddles, The Sixteenth Book In Katy Hall And Lisa Eisenberg S Best Selling Series, Is Stuffed With Jokes And Riddles That Kids Will Gobble UpFind Out What You D Get If You Crossed A Turkey With An Octopus Discover Why Tom Turkey Climbed Into The Vegetable Bowl To Help You Guess The Answers, Kristin Sorra S Illustrations Provide Hilarious Clues