Download Epub Format Ï Moonology Oracle Cards PDF by Ç Yasmin Boland

Download Epub Format Ï Moonology Oracle Cards PDF by Ç Yasmin Boland Die Karten sind wirklich wundersch n gestaltet und liegen gut in der Hand nicht zu gro od zu klein Die zus tzliche Beschreibung im Buch ist gut zusammengefasst und sehr bersichtlich Besonders gef llt mir, dass bei jeder Kartenbeschreibung noch ein Attune to the moon Abschnitt dabei ist, der einem kurz genau sagt, was konkret zu tun ist , bezu glich der jeweiligen Situation Manifestation etc.
Alles in Allem 10 10 would buy again Ich liebe dieses Deck Die Karten sind wirklich wundersch n Man sollte allerdings beachten dass es auf englisch ist.
Beautiful cards Yesterday I bound them to my energy and used them for the first time and I have to say they are really fine artworks and feel powerful and calming at the same time I think I will use them for my altar as well Perfect cards for moon phase rituals and Co.

This is my 3nd deck, and I must say that this ones are my favourites , cause they give the most clear messages Thanks Ich hatte keine gro en Erwartungen, aber das Deck ist schnell eines meiner liebsten geworden Sch n informativ und akurat Leider aber sehr dick und es klebt ein wenig aneinander, daher ein P nktchen weniger.
This is a beautiful deck with very informative text I use it everyday for answering all kinds of questions it does a great job for that and the images are very nice to look at Beautiful cards to use with full moon new moon Work With The Moon S Power To Gain Clarity On Your Life, Make Informed Decisions, And Bring Positive Change Where It Is Most Needed The Phases Of The Moon And The Position Of The Stars Have A Powerful Effect On Our Everyday Lives Astrologer Yasmin Boland Is An Expert On The Moon S Influence On Our Lives And Knows The Tricks Of Working With Its Phases To Yield Positive Results Following The Popularity Of Her Book Moonology, She Has Created This Oracle Deck To Bring Answers And Guidance For Those Who Feel A Connection Or Are Drawn To Working With The Moon S Natural Magic The Cards In The Deck Provide Answers To The User S Questions About Their Life As Well As Offering Teachings On Moon Phases And Moon Positions The Cards Will Be Named After A Moon Phase Full Moon, New Moon, Quarter Moon, Crescent Moon, Super Moon , Or Moon Positions In The Starsigns Or Houses Each Card Will Show How The Energy Of This Moon Position Relates To An Area Of Life, Including Life Goals, Communication, Relationships, New Beginnings, Health, Love, Work, Dreams, Healing, Success, Family, Home, Money, Travel, And Friends The Cards Will Also Offer Guidance On Action To Take Or Things To Reflect On With Magical And Mystical Illustrations, This Deck Is A Beautiful And Wise Companion For Those Wishing To Harness The Moon S Power