ë Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing ë Download by ë Van Doren, Yulia

ë Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing ë Download by ë Van Doren, Yulia I love both the design and the content of this wonderful book.
The crystal guide is clearly written, contains the most interesting facts and information about the given crystal The photos in the book are so inspirational.
Highly recommend buying This book is an easy to follow, comprehensive introduction to crystals and nearly everything they entail From different uses for crystals to how to cleanse them, Van Doren covers it I love the crystals she included in the book, along with their descriptions, as it provided a helpful jumping off point for learning about the crystals I ve accumulated over time and which ones I should add to my collection I also love that she included a fairly descriptive meditation chakra cleansing guide This is my first book I ve purchased about crystals and it was so, so helpful Where do I even start This book makes me SO happy It is quite literally the most beautiful and easy to use crystal book I ve ever read and I ve read a ton, I m a longtime crystal collector and general metaphysical junkie.
First of all, the design is totally gorgeous and modern, unlike almost every other crystal book I ve seen.
I am so in love with the way that the individual crystal pages are laid out Super cute and clear Each crystal page lists the main traits of each crystal for instance, under Agate Protection Courage Strength Grounding color variations largest modern sources Chakras each crystal resonates to love this Special care recommendations for instance, whether sunlight fades the crystal whether water exposure is safe for the crystal THIS IS EXTREMELY HELPFUL INFORMATION WHICH IS NOT EASILY FOUND several paragraphs focusing on the crystal s metaphysical qualities and finally, a Notes section with practical information such as what form the crystal is found in, historical info, alternate names, etc.
Additionally, each of the 50 featured crystals gets its own gorgeous, full page photograph This alone sets the book apart I ve never seen a crystal book use this format of having full page, high fashion esque photography The aesthetic is very clean and modern, think Kinfolk, Goop, okay okay, maybe definitely there s of the color pink used than Kinfolk magazine would have, but it s still on the same wavelength and who doesn t love pink.
If you re not familiar with her, the author is goldirocks.
co on instagram, which is where I first learned of her I m a huge fan obviously I love the way she shares inspirational info about crystals and crystal healing.
The front part of the book is a great basic intro to crystals and crystal healing, including a fantastic section with specific recommendations of crystals for each room of the house, crystals for various activities like work, travelling etc , and crystal gifts appropriate for different occasions Again, have never seen this info anywhere else and I LOVE IT Also really love the section on crystal chakra healingSo yeah, I m totally in love with this book, if you haven t figured that out by now Oh, and the price is amazing for a book of this quality, it s hardback with thick matte pages and gold foil on the cover What s not to love The book was a lot smaller in size than I thought it was, but that s perfectly okay It doesn t take up too much space The information it gives you is pretty amazing if I do say so myself It gives you insight on minerals, rocks, and crystals It tells you how to use them, what they re good for, how to cleanse them and it has really good photos along with it My favorite crystal book so far and it s super easy for beginners Just started reading and so far am very happy with the format of the book and information covered I can see this being a go to gift for a few friends in future.
I had been waiting for the US release of this book, and eagerly bought it when I saw it was available on some months ago Crystals The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing is informative and full of beautiful photos If you are just starting to learn about crystals and their possible healing properties, this book is a great resource The book contains easy to find crystals you should be able to find most of these at your local, metaphysical shops , their description, and enumerates their possible influences on your energies My favorite thing about this book is how the information is conveyed it s easy to read and understand and gives you JUST the right amount of information This is not a complete crystal encyclopedia, but rather the author s breakdown of crystals they would recommend to a beginner Quality book From Choosing And Using To Programming, Charging, And Cleansing, Crystals Is A Modern Guide To Enhancing Your Life With These Enchanting StonesOften Referred To As Wisdom Keepers , Crystals Hold Millions Of Years Of The Earth S History Within Them Through Emitting Steady Vibrations, They Will Help You To Become Centered And Balanced, Creating Spaces Of Zen Around You And Your Home Featuring Of The Most Common And Interesting Crystals, This Is A Practical Guide That Will Teach You About Each Stone S Individual Properties And How To Harness Their Powers Discover Which Crystals Are Right For You, Where Best To Position Them, The Perfect Pairings, And Learn How To Look After Your Crystals On A Daily Basis To Deflect Any Negativity In Your LifeWhether You Use Jade To Improve Your Health, Smoky Quartz To Detoxify, Or Rose Quartz To Create Harmony In Your Relationships, This Practical Guide Will Equip You With All You Need To Harness The Power Of Your Crystals Disconnect With The Digital World And Reconnect With Your Spiritual Self As Crystalsprovides A Fresh Take On Crystal Healing That Helps You To Enhance Your Inner Positivity