Trailer Ç Organisasi dan Arsitektur Komputer Jilid 1 PDF by ↠´ William Stallings

Trailer Ç Organisasi dan Arsitektur Komputer Jilid 1 PDF by ↠´ William Stallings It has been 25 years since I used this textbook in university It took me over a week to re read the 8th edition of this standard textbook admittedly I skipped some of the technical sections , but at over 815 pages, it is still quite formidable I like the broad coverage of a range of architectures from mobile ARM to Mainframe The ARM world is new to me, and I don t quite understand some of the design decisions, it just appears less attractive The new multithreaded, multiprocessor architectures were also new, but what was a big relevation was the importance of cache memory in the memory hierarchy, I don t recall that as being so crucial back then, perhaps because there wasn t that much memory to go around anyways I enjoyed the re read, it is definitely better than a journalist s account of the history of computing.
a good book but not the best, I think Hennesy Patterson is better.

This book is the best book I came across for Computer System Organization and I loved it.
There are some good points about this book that I liked 1 Extremely easy to understand.
2 Cover mostly all the topics.
3 The construct of this book is all good, I mean the way writer presented all the topics.
4 The content is also good.
So, this book is something I ll recommend to every Computer Science student.
A must have I can t bring myself to like this book It s good in that it does cover many topics related to computer architecture, and its internal instructions Very detailed stuff and can be very informative as a primer The reason why I can t like it is because it s written in a boring manner.
came through most of its chapters and it was really interesting to me to uncover the magic that laying underneath that large green PCB which we call it computer well explained algorithms and techs was provided , but though rookies just like me could use little clarity.
Hard to read or understand if you have no back ground about the topic Dry as a bone but such a great insight into how computers work at a low level.
A great book if you ve got a basic background about logic design.
For Graduate And Undergraduate Courses In Computer Science, Computer Engineering, And Electrical Engineering Fundamentals Of Processor And Computer Design Computer Organization And Architecture Is A Comprehensive Coverage Of The Entire Field Of Computer Design Updated With The Most Recent Research And Innovations In Computer Structure And Function With Clear, Concise, And Easy To read Material, The Tenth Edition Is A User Friendly Source For People Studying Computers Subjects Such As I O Functions And Structures, RISC, And Parallel Processors Are Explored Integratively Throughout, With Real World Examples Enhancing The Text For Reader Interest With Brand New Material And Strengthened Pedagogy, This Text Engages Readers In The World Of Computer Organization And Architecture A descriptive book, Computer Organization and Architecture, tenth edition, by William Stallings implemented a top down approach for learning low level aspects of traditional computers from vacuum tube architecture to the contemporary standard that is von Neumann architecture There is a variety of information related to computer architecture in the relevant book by Stallings that challenges students so conceptual and applied knowledge is understood Functioning similar to Thomas Calculus with problems listed that go beyond the instruction provided within the textbook, the relevant Stallings text demands exploration to supplemental sources of information for knowledge that meets the specifications of chapter exercises consisting of review questions and problems.