» Numerology Guidance Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook » Download by ð Michelle Buchanan

» Numerology Guidance Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook » Download by ð Michelle Buchanan The Numerology Guidance Cards Are The Ultimate Tools Of Divination, Providing Clarity And Insight To Assist You On Your Path When Youre In Need Of Answers, Direction, Inspiration, And Hope, These Cards Will Bridge The Gap Between Your Inner Wisdom And The Universal Wisdom Of All That Is Through The Ancient Energy Of Numbers Based On Your Current Thoughts And Behaviors, The Numerology Guidance Cards Will Reveal Your Future Potential And Uncover Any Conscious Or Subconscious Blocks That Are Impeding The Manifestation Of Your Goals Once These Blocks Have Been Identified And Removed, You Can Begin To Improve Your Life And Actualize Your Dreams Each Of The Cards In This Deck Contains Specific Numbers, Colors, And Words That Assist In Raising Your Energy Vibrationplus The Ancient Merkaba And Flower Of Life Symbols To Facilitate Your Spiritual Growth The Accompanying Guidebook Offers Additional Information To Aid You In Interpreting Your Readings Numerologist Michelle Buchanan Didnt Design These Cards To Predict Your Futurebut Rather To Help You Create The One You Desire I use them oftenlike giving self a personal readingfor free.
believe but or notthe cards have been accurategreat buygreat self help tool.
I love them I have been doing energy readings and am really connected to my card decks This was an absolute treasure added to the collection This is my first set of numberology cards and I am so happy that we found each other They are comfortable to be around, as well as to understand They are very neutral and work well with my other decks I absolutely recommend them to anyone that is interested in uplifting energy Have a happy day.
These are some of the best cards they tell you what you need to know.
I have been an avid fan of all things that assist honing one s innate psychic abilities since I was able to read, but sadly, never had the patience or discipline to study the depth of the tarot or horoscopes Numerolgy was less taxing to learn, and the discovery of these beautifully designed cards, and best of all, the simplicity of them, has enabled me to practice reading for myself and others very enjoyable and surprisingly accurate The guidebook that comes with the cards is compact and concise, but it may be helpful to have comprehensive Numerology books on hand to get insight and clarity of the numerical messages on the Guidance Cards This very reasonably priced set has definitely changed my life for the better by enhancing my psychic abilities Whether you re a novice or professional, these cards will enlighten you, friends, family, and clients alike This deck did not meet my expectations, it s a cookie cutter oracle deck The author s intro in the guide book was warm and seemed well intentioned, but there is something missing for me For Example Number 44, Environment talks about considering your politics and how that helps or does not help the environment and then goes into recycling I am not against any of those things, but seriously If someone is not in tune with themselves and how they connect to everything around them, this is hitting a brick wall Also, the last paragraph of each explanation was pretty much the same with an insert key words here section that attempted to make the paragraph unique.
Since there is no discussion of the Numerology, I ordered the author s book on Numerology hoping I can connect with the cards in my own way if I understand the numerology I rarely return product, so until I can make the connection with the numbers and the images of the cards based on my understanding of the numerology I will not be using these cards in my readings.
I hope this was helpful to you.
All the best on your Journey xoxo