ç The I Ching: The Book of Changes ☆ Download by ç James Legge

ç The I Ching: The Book of Changes ☆ Download by ç James Legge Tao DIVOne Of The Most Important books In The History Of Oriental Culture, The I Ching Is Among The Few Divination Manuals To Survive Into Modern Times The Ancient Text Comprises A History Of Than Two And Half Millennia Of Commentary And Interpretation, Providing Inspiration To Countless Spiritual Seekers The Book S Profound Influence Also Extends To The Worlds Of Business, Psychoanalysis, Literature, And Art DIV Get the pocket i ching.

Great read If you know anything about translations of the I Ching, this is the Gold Standard of them all James Legge has translated the 5 Chinese classics and so much the Li Chi, the Book of Poetry, the Texts of Taoism, etc I was fortunate enough to find his 4 volume The Chinese Classics before I went to teach English in China back in 1992 and they were invaluable to framing my understanding of the Chinese mindset and culture even in this post Mao era His 50 page Introduction is worth the price of the book in itself I was very glad I found a hardback copy of the book, as this would be one paperback I would wear out.